Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary and Thank You All.

December 7th marked the 2nd anniversary of the community’s vote to fund and support the The Hornell Public Library directly through your local tax levy. The Hornell Library’s gift back you has been the Re-opening or “Re-boot” of our beautiful library including upgraded facilities.  The Board of Trustees of the Hornell Public Library would like to thank the following individuals, area businesses and organizations

who have helped us complete our facilities masterplan make our re-boot a reality.

The Hornell Public Library Board of Trustees would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generosity during the “2020 Re-boot.” The improvements made to the Library were the result of the help and support of these folks and through the overwhelming majority vote of the Hornell community.

Christine Barron, Bret Carver, Audrey Ellis, Norm Ellis, Bob Ellis, Brian Friedland, Lisa Galatio, Laurie Graziano, Kevin Jacobs, Kristin Jensen
Ceil Kelley, Molly Liberto, Joseph Liberto, Vinny Liberto, Quinn Liberto, Reilly Liberto, Garrett McGowan, Pat Moore, Susan Morehouse
Mathew Potter, Mark A. Smith, Alice Taychert, Ed Taychert, Spencer Weyand, Patricia Wiggers, Rex Wiggers, Sharon Wirth
Hornell Area Businesses and Organizations:
– Armor Building Supply
– Christ Episcopal Church of Hornell
– City of Hornell Industrial Development
– Bennett’s Greenhouse
– Davidson’s Furniture
– EDS Computers
– Friends of the Hornell Public Library
– Hornell Alfred Unitarian Universalist Society
– Hornell City School District
– Hornell Evening Tribune
– Lowe’s Home Improvement
– Maddie’s Motorsports
– PEISH News and Video
– Southern Tier Library Foundation

Interested in Local History? Geneology? School Yearbooks? Evening Tribune Archives? 

There is so much to explore online from our Local Resources Web Page.


Some Highlights:

Our “Friends of the Library” Group

The Friends of the Library promotes the library, fundraisers, and gives other support as needed. They are the primary fundraising arm of the library and supports everything the library does involving the community.

The Friends of the Library is always looking for new members and volunteers. Some of the tasks we need help include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Outreach Transportation
  • Help Develop Public Relations and Outreach Projects
  • Help Develop and Lead and Fundraising Events
  • Create and Programming for Children, Adults and Seniors
  • Create Flyers and Pamphlets and Posters
  • Donate Your Time Assist in Library
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