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Hornell Library Director Alice Taychert Retiring

Story: Neal Simon – Evening Tribune – March 23, 2021


New leadership is coming to the top spot at the Hornell Public Library, but the change will mean the departure of a library mainstay.

Library trustees announced March 19 the upcoming retirement of longtime director Alice Taychert, effective May 1, 2021.


Board President Norm Ellis: a generous craftsman

Board President Norm Ellis: a generous craftsman

As part of Hornell Library renovation over the past year, library board President Norm Ellis has  donated several beautiful wood pieces.

The library is fortunate to be able to display Norm’s outstanding craftsmanship to our community.  His stunning curved magazine rack and media shelving is the centerpiece of the redesigned Conderman Room. (more…)

Have You Been In Lately? Check Out the New Look

Hornell Library reopens ‘stronger than ever’
After nine months of closure, the Hornell Public Library reopens to an eager public

Neal Simon

The Evening Tribune
Hornell Public Library clerk Kristen Williams checks out books for patron Linda Markham as the library reopened Monday after closing for approximately nine months due to COVID-19.

HORNELL — After nine months of closure, many of the first people through the doors at the Hornell Public Library Monday were some of its most loyal patrons who had been counting down down the days until the venerable Genesee Street building reopened.